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Life at Moveo

Moveo.AI is a funded conversational AI company with presence in New York City/USA, Sao Paulo/Brazil and Athens/Greece. Our mission is to create outstanding support experiences for our customers by seamlessly blending best of class AI with live human interaction. We have the privilege to work with big enterprise customers such as Betano, Skroutz, Edenred, Alliance, Avis and other prestigious companies.

Our team is unique combining technical acumen with solid business experience: We love to code and we have conducted fundamental research and won US patents in AI and machine learning. We are looking for an individual that is ready and willing to embark on an amazing journey of mastering the latest and greatest technologies, inspiring awe to customers, and building a company that everyone involved will be proud to be part of.

What to expect

Send us your resume and tell us what you are good at!

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